Music Review: Ego Alien new eponymous EP.

One of the nice things about doing a weekly radio show is that I get the opportunity to hear new music before it’s released. Back in February, while seeing Ego Alien perform at Dobbs, Ted gave me a copy of Ego Alien’s newest EP. (BTW, Ego Alien’s live show is something to see!)

Ted is Ted Bunch, guitarist, vocalist and writer for Ego Alien. The EP in question is their new release simply called Ego Alien. The EP includes 4 songs: Lines, Little Miss Panic Button, Green Means Go, Big Bluey Dawn. I had high hopes for the EP as I had already been a fan of Ego Alien’s music since the release of their debut EP “Crawl on the Edge”. They have also been a staple on my Philly AIMS Radio Show. (Sunday’s, 8 PM to 10 PM on

EgoAlien_eponymous_cover                                                EP Cover

Ego Alien is a power trio consisting of Ted on guitar and vocals, Chris Kusmanick on bass, and for now, a Drummer by committee. (Hopefully the drummer spot will be filled permanently soon). As fate would have it, Ted is also an impressive drummer and he is the one playing on the EP, unfortunately his clone is not available for live performance.

The music, to me, is representative of the 90’s sound with an updated twist. The EP is full of catchy hooks, power chord drive and booming bass and drums. Standouts for me are “Lines”, with its prominent slide guitar and “Green Means Go”, which after one listen will be stuck in your head for hours. The remaining tracks are just as good and fit well together as an EP, seamlessly grabbing the listener and keeping them enthralled. After one listen I let it run through again as I wanted to hear more. Hopefully the next release will have a few more tracks.

Along with making good music, Ego Alien front man Ted Bunch is a great supporter of the Philly Area local music scene, you will often see him at other bands shows, right up front, cheering loud. To top it off Ted is a great guy, we need more people like Ted in the Philly scene.


Ego Alien has a number of shows coming up to support the new EP and you can get more information about the band and get their music at their sites below. I will be playing the entire EP on my Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 Philly AIMS Radio Show (starting at 8PM EST on to promote Ego Alien’s March 24th show at Shady Katie’s in Somerdale, NJ so browse on in.

Ego Alien website:

Pick up the CD for a mere $5.00



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